Why People Don’t Respect Women

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So read this expert about the report card created by CNN for the DNC. All of the commentators made valid points, except for Leslie Sanchez. Really, Ms Sanchez, you have nothing else to talk about other than her dress. Now I know why people don’t respect women or Republican women for that matter. Go write for Cosmo or something.

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Hillary to Speak

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Be sure to watch the DNC tonight as Sen Hillary Clinton is speaking and supposedly has some harsh words for Sen McCain. GO GET ‘EM HILL!!!!

Clinton Supporters, Listen Up!

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Hello to all of you Hillary supporters out there. If you hadn’t heard, this is the week of the Democratic National Convention. It’s kind of a big party and has a lot of great people attending, including Hill and Bill themselves. They are there to support Barack Obama. Seems he won some primaries and some votes and is now going to be our presidential nominee. So here is my question, where are you?

Here is a list of things Obama is for:

  • A unique approach to economics vs McSame.
  • Leave Iraq.
  • New energy resources.
  • Protecting our children’s education
  • Health care for all Americans.

Here a list of things McCain is for:

  • Wants to keep Bush tax cuts.
  • Wants to stay in Iraq, just like Bush.
  • Wants drill off shore like Bush.
  • Charters, homeschooling, & vouchers are key to success.
  • Wants to privatize social security.

So now answer my question, where are you. If you supported HIllary Clinton and are not supprot Obama you are either not a Democrat, which is fine, or you are a sore loser. Helliary held her head up and said “yes” to Obama as the nominee of the party. She stand the same on all the issues and she has been campaigning for him since June. Now McCain is trying to buy you off like he thought Hillary should have been the nominee. He wanted her because the Republicans thing they would have won easily. Whether that is true or not I don’t know. But you, don’t sit there and think that just be cause she lost means you should vote for the other side. Please realize that she will be an important asset to the White House in any role she plays.

Also, she may have not gotten the Vice Presidency, but Democrats need an ally in the Senate, maybe her role would be majority leader. Maybe she fits better with a cabinet position. Maybe she didn’t want to be VP and she told him that months ago. Please be informed and don’t be a sore loser. If you want McSame you can have him, but I know my family cannot survive on the same failed policies for another four years. Constant Vigilance!

Obama & Biden

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At 1:00 A.M., Saturday morning I knew. I could not wait another moment to find out who would be Obama’s pick. As far as I am concerned, Joe Biden, Democratic Senator from Delaware will only strengthen the ticket. He has a large amount of experience on foreign policy experience and also women’s issues. He also is the blue collar worker. Although he is a Senator, he is only worth between $75,000 and $150,000, that is roughly what my father is worth and he’s a truck driver. Biden is also a family man and has young children. So in conclusion, yay for Obama-Biden. I expect the attacks will come but hopefully it’ll be about the issues, not the character assassinations we have seen in the past. Below are links to his biography and other news stories.


Obama the Muslim

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Alright Barack Obama has been running for president for about 16 mons now. I am really starting to think people in this country are stupid. Let me clarify for all of you out there that don’t get it, eh hmm, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me say it again, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously, his crazy pastor that we have been talking about for 2 months is a Christian and so is Barack Obama. Now I have nothing against Muslims. I have some good friends who are Islamic. But seriously if you don’t have a ll the facts, don’t vote. If you are stupid don’t vote, because the rest of us have to suffer for your ignorance, case and point George ” the decider” Bush.  So get a clue or don’t get a ballot.

American Airlines is in a rut… +1720,000 Passengers Stranded

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I live in Washington DC and I travel pretty often now and I usually fly out of National. All I can say is thank God my business trip was lat week and not this week. Like so many others I usually fly American or Continental. My biggest pet peeve about planes, the MD-80. First they are old. Second they scare me. I love a nice 737 or a 757. They are just bigger. American also tends to have horrible passenger service. The reason I like Continental so much is that when you fly with them you get plenty of beverage service and usually a free meal. You don’t even peanuts on American anymore. Also, you usually get to see some sort of movie instead of some crappy show called “Eye on America.” I mean seriously, who doesn’t know what CBS has to offer. All the airlines though, have big problems. Three have already filed bankruptcy. With soaring fuel prices and new EPA regulations (which I am in favor of ), many airlines are finding it hard to do business. Now American has to deal with +170,000 angry fliers. So what do you do if you are stranded at the airport? What if your flight is canceled? Well here are some links.

What to do if it’s canceled

More tips

Facebook Chat!

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So as any normal person today, I spend quite a bit of time online. Much of it is spent keeping up with friends on Facebook. A new application will make it so much easier. I only use AIM for IM. But some of my friends are on Yahoo or MSN. With Facebook’s new chat, I can stay in touch all the time. This looks to be a pretty good application compared to some of the others they use, like the daily feed. When the feed came out I remember for awhile we called it “stalker”book. I think the next interesting thinng to happen to Facebook will be its insertion into Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Anyway, here’s a link to the story.

Chat chat chat away!